How to offer compassion and care

“Some weeks are more difficult than others,” Doug explains. “The end of life for some seems a natural passing, a moving from this life toward life eternal with God. For others, however, while death is still inevitable, it will not come without a fight. I stay with them all, through it all.”

Doug is a hospice nurse, caring for those whose earthly life is ending. Through his care for his patients, he touches the lives of countless family members and friends, too. Doug feels a sense of gratitude for the moments he shares with those whose loved ones are dying. He prays with them, offering compassion and care in their grief. Doug’s faith guides him and offers him the perspective with which to serve in this way.

“I begin every day by praying that God will guide my words and actions, that somehow I will show Christ’s love to those I care for today,” he said. “When things are difficult, I remember that Jesus wept at the grave of his friend, Lazarus; and at the moment of death, I pray a silent prayer of gratitude for this life, and recall Christ’s resurrection. My faith gives me the perspective that eternal life has begun here and now, and will stretch on beyond the boundaries of our earthly dwelling.”

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