July 30, St. Peter Chrysologus

God is my refuge on the day of distress. — Psalm 59:17d

Mass Readings: Jeremiah 15:10,16-21/ Matthew 13:44-46

Golden Words

Today is the feast day of St. Peter Chrysologus (406-450). Chrysologus means “the golden worded.” This saint was known for his great homilies. In fact, it was those homilies that encouraged Pope Benedict XIII to name him a Doctor of the Church. This energetic man also combated paganism and engaged in great charitable works. Still, his surname came from his use of words.

The classic rhetoricians like Cicero and Quintilian argued that our use of language separated us from the animals. Animals can reason, as can we; however, they don’t have the use of words. Shakespeare labeled a character a monster when he became “languageless.” We’re fully human when we speak. Words are a gift. St. Peter’s life reminds us of that fact.

Prayer: Divine Rhetorician, help me guard the gift of speech.

Today's meditation is from My Daily Visitor (Our Sunday Visitor) courtesy of your parish or diocese.

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July 30, St. Peter Chrysologus

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