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Grades 7-10

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The CCD 2014-15 School Year is well underway and going smoothly.   Classes will continue to meet on alternate Sundays throughout the year, with the exception of major holidays and vacations.  Here are the monthly schedules for Grades 6 - 9 for the new year:                                                      

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Grades 7 – 10:  Walking in Faith

In grades 7 – 10 we strive to have students walk in their faith by adding increasingly more involved service learning activities and social justice projects to the curriculum, thus encouraging students to further develop their Catholic Faith and establish their identity and role within the church and larger community.  Topics are elevated to the appropriate level of development so that students have a greater understanding of their faith as teens.  Prayer, living as disciples, gratitude, decision making, stewardship, gifts, and how the gospel relates to teens as individuals play large roles in this program.   Please see the Course Requirements for grades 7-10 for further information.

Grade 7:  We Are One Body

The New Testament and the ministry of Jesus Christ; the precepts of the Catholic Church, Church stances, Recognizing my Gifts and Those of Others, Discipleship, Child Lures Program- Teen and Internet version

Prayers: The Nicene Creed

Grade 8:  Christian Living

The History of the Catholic Church; Marks of a True Christian, Moral decision making, the Saints; the Precepts of the Church

Prayers: Act of Contrition and introduction to the Rosary

Grade 9:  Making the Connection:

The Holy Spirit, Discipleship, Making Moral Decisions, How Jesus Calls Us to Live, The Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit, 1 Saints Project, pick Confirmation names and sponsors.

Prayers: introduction to the Stations of the Cross

Grade 10:  Confirmed in Christ

Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit, My Gifts, Saints and Models for Christian Living, Confirmation Names, Reflection on Service and plan for your future as a practicing adult Catholic , Confirmation Retreat, Confirmation. 

 As Confirmation should not be the end of our spiritual learning, it should have accomplished a personal understanding of the basis of Catholicism from other Christian faiths, an understanding of how to pray, an introduction to scripture, basic familiarity with and how to use the bible, understanding of the Sacraments and the Holy Eucharist, and establish an understanding of an appropriate code of behavior.

The ultimate goal of Catholic religious education is to establish within each student a personal relationship with Christ and belief in the Holy Trinity, a connection with the greater world family of Catholics, a strong moral code of behavior, and motivation toward discipleship.


Service Opportunity:  Teen helpers needed to assist with the Pasta Dinner on April 24.  Contact Mrs. Lovejoy if you are interested. Specify interest: 4 - 6 p.m. or 6 - 8 p.m. shift.

Click here for the NEW  SERVICE ACTIVITY REFLECTION SHEET New2014.pdf (New this year: Please note the new parent section on the bottom of the sheet)

Click here for Course Requirements for Grades 7-10.pdf   

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See main area of page for CCD schedule. 

April 24: Pasta Dinner, Ski Sundown. Volunteers needed!

Classes  meet from 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at Ann Antolini School on designated dates.

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